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10 weirdest things captured on Google Street View

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In 2012, Google announced that its street view car had driven over 5 million miles and collected over 20 petabytes (1000 terabytes = 1 petabyte) of imagery for its interactive map.

To put that in perspective, PixelPetal claims that the street view cars would have covered enough distance to complete 10 round trips to the moon. 

With that kind of volume, some of the images captured were bound to be odd.

Here are some of the weirdest: 

1. Men standing in the middle of the desert in creepy costumes  


2. An abandoned baby outside a Gucci store.


3. Pigeon-head men standing next to a street in Tokyo


4. Waldo spotted at Putney, London in 2009

5. Toy penguin taken for a ride on a penny farthing

6. Just a man and his alpaca out to have lunch 


7. A man pointing his gun at the Google street view car

It was later revealed that a dead girl was found in a closet in this exact apartment a few months earlier. 

8. A couple of stray scuba drivers seemingly chasing after the Google street view car

9. "Horse boy" caught roaming the streets 

10. Man sticks his head out of a trash can in Parc de Valency, Switzerland



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