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Babysitter used powder to cover abuse marks on infant

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A 30-year-old mother in Kuala Lumpur made a shocking discovery of abuse on her two-year-old daughter’s face after picking her up from her babysitter.

The sales executive said her daughter had been with the babysitter, 34, her husband and their four-year-old child.

Said the mother who was not named: “When I arrived at the babysitter’s house on Monday, I noticed that she had applied thick powder on my daughter’s face.

"I also saw some marks, wounds and swelling, and asked about it but she said my daughter had a fall.”

The single mother was shocked to see multiple pinch marks on her daughter’s face and swelling below her eyes and forehead.

Speaking to reporters at on Thursday (May 7), she said she noticed a similar wound on her daughter’s face on April 18 but was told that it was due to an insect bite.

Malaysian Chinese Association Public Service and Complaints Department chief Mr Michael Chong said a police report was lodged after the child received treatment at a private clinic.

He said the doctor who treated the girl suspected that the marks on the girl’s face were caused by abuse.

He hoped police would carry out an in-depth investigation.

Source: The Star