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Man racks up $1,500 bill for Wi-Fi on Singapore Airlines flight

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A Canadian man recently racked up a $1,500 bill while on a Singapore Airlines flight from London to Singapore.

No, that doesn't include the plane ticket.

And he didn't spend it buying up everything on the in-flight catalogue or wines and cocktails (which are actually free, by the way).

He had used the Internet - on US$1171.46 (S$1,520) worth of Wi-Fi, to be exact.

Mr Jeremy Gutsche, founder of trend website Trend Hunter, wrote on his site: "I wish I could blame an addiction to NetFlix or some intellectual documentary that made me US$1,200 smarter.

"However, the Singapore Airlines Internet was painfully slow, so videos would be impossible and that means I didn’t get any smarter… except about how to charge a lot of money for stuff. I did learn that."



The man claims he chalked up "just 155 page views, mostly to my email", uploaded a 4MB Powerpoint document and spent the rest of it sleeping.

He wrote: "That document probably cost me US$100 to upload, so I hope my team liked it. I actually even e-mailed them a warning that my upload was taking a while.

"That e-mail probably cost me US$10.

"And yes, the pricing per MB was disclosed on sign-up, but I bought the US$30 package, slept through most the flight, and really didn't think I'd end up a thousand bucks past the limit."

In response to media queries, this is what Singapore Airlines said:

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