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M'sian man takes S'pore wife and kids to Syria to join militants

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A Singaporean woman with two children from a previous marriage married a Malaysian man.

The family of four went to war-torn Syria in November to fight alongside the jihadists.

The family did not stick together in the foreign land, Malaysian newspaper The Star quoted sources as saying.

The Star said in its report: "The authorities believe the man joined the Jabhat Al-Nusra group and his step-son the IS (Islamic State).

"The wife worked as a cook while the daughter taught English to children of the fighters in Syria."

Influenced to go to Syria

The woman is 47 years old. Her Penang-born husband is 37. Her daughter and son is aged 18 and 14 respectively.

Malaysian authorities are keeping close tabs on the family and are trying to find out how the family was influenced to go to Syria.

A Singapore Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) spokesman told The New Paper on Friday: "The family mentioned in The Star’s report is the same one mentioned by DPM Teo Chee Hean in Parliament in July 2014.

"The said woman was last known to be married to a Malaysian. She was not known to be radical when she lived in Singapore. She left Singapore several years ago."

Mr Teo had said on July 9: "The Government knows of a handful of Singaporeans who have gone to Syria to take part in the conflict."

He also said: "Another female Singaporean is believed to have gone to Syria with her foreign husband and two teenaged children. The whole family is taking part in the conflict in various ways, either joining the terrorist groups to fight, or providing aid and support to the fighters."

Source: The Star

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