M'sian man beats up wife who ran away with lover after 10 days of marriage

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His wife ran away with another man just 10 days after they got married.

Nurhaqiqi Nur Salam, 23, was so enraged by his wife's actions that he sought her and her lover out and beat them up.

The incident happened on Monday at around 11pm in Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur.

The unemployed husband brought his younger brother Abdur Rahman, 21,​ to a house in Jalan Desa Rejang​. 

There, the siblings punched and beat up Ms Nur Amira Roslan, 23, and Mr Mohamad Hasbullah Mohamad Kamal, 25.

Serious injuries

On Thursday, the brothers pleaded guilty to causing serious injuries to Ms Nur Amira and Mr Mohamad Hasbullah.

Nurhaqiqi said in court: "I tried to contact my wife but to no avail. After asking around, my friends told me where she was."

Magistrate Nurul’Ain Abdul Rahim fined Nurhaqiqi RM400 (S$156), in default four months’ jail. 

Abdur Rahman, a maintenance worker, was fined RM300, in default three months' jail.

The magistrate advised the brothers not to get physically aggressive but to do things according to the law.

"Look where you have ended up after beating up people," she said.

Source: The Star

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