POLL: Should portable gas cookers be banned for safety reasons?

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Last Saturday, a group of five women were injured when the portable gas cooker that had been used during their hotpot meal exploded at their table. 

The explosion sent hot soup spewing everywhere. Some of the women suffered third-degree burns on their faces and arms and all had to be taken to hospital. 

The owner of the restaurant has apologised to the customers. He also said he has switched to using portable electric cookers. 

Should such cookers be banned?

They were banned last month in the eastern Australian state of New South Wales (NSW) over safety concerns.

NSW Fair Trading commissioner Rod Stowe warned that such cookers have a risk of overheating and exploding.

"If these products malfunction, they can potentially cause serious injuries and I'd encourage people to stop using them," he said.

This was after a 33-year-old Australian died after suffering from 100 per cent burns to his body when one such cooker exploded and ripped through his caravan.

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