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Woman gives birth at lift landing

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A woman in labour was trying to get to the hospital when she was forced to give birth at a lift landing in Bishan on Friday.

The incident happened at 11.50am at Block 131, Bishan Street 12, reported Lianhe Wanbao yesterday.

The woman, said to be a teacher in her 30s, suddenly shouted in pain when she and a female friend were at the foot of the block.

Her water bag broke and she was in so much pain that she had to sit down beside the lift, the report said.

She delivered soon after.

Madam Liang, 49, was in the area with her maid and mother when she saw the woman lying on the floor and the friend holding onto a newborn baby in her arms.

The resident was reported as saying: "I heard a woman shouting and I thought someone was being robbed. When I went to check it out, I realised it was a woman giving birth."


She rushed forward to help by wrapping the baby with a towel.

Madam Liang said the friend later told bystanders that the baby was the woman's fourth child and the birth process was smooth.

But the umbilical cord was still intact as bystanders did not dare to do anything, fearing it would endanger the life of the mother and child.

The friend contacted an ambulance from a nearby hospital which arrived minutes later.

Madam Liang, who was worried for the safety of the baby, recounted: "When I heard the baby cry, I heaved a sigh of relief."

The woman's husband, who had received the news, arrived in time to accompany his wife and the baby in the ambulance.

Another resident told the paper that she has often seen the woman and her husband take their three kids aged below seven for outings.

"They are friendly, and they would greet me," the neighbour added.

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