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Worst date ever? Tell us about it to win restaurant vouchers!

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There may be a lot of pressure to impress when you go on a date - especially if it's on Valentine's Day.

What should you do? What should you avoid?

Well, here are some tips (and anecdotes) from celebrities.

Tell us about your worst date ever! And if you're lucky enough not to have had a bad date, tell us about your turn-offs during a date.

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Focus on your date, not your phone

Local actress and host Jade Seah said this was a turn-off during a date.

Seah recalled going on a second date with a man who was constantly on his phone.

She said: "He was constantly on his phone and hardly looked up at me or spoke to me."

Instead of feeling like a third wheel to her date and his phone, she said she called him out on it.

Seah said to him: "If you are very busy, maybe we can just meet up another day instead. After all, I'm busy too and I'm here to spend time with you."

Her date quickly took the hint and put aside his phone for the rest of the night.

So, even if your date does spend a lot of time on his phone, make sure to call him out on it, said Seah.

Avoid shallow conversation

Actor Daren Tan said bimbotic conversation topics are a major turn-off during dates.

"I don't like to be on dates where the girl can't communicate or express herself properly. And more than that, I would prefer to avoid shallow conversations," he said.

Dates, especially the first date, should be about getting to know each other - including the other person's dreams, ambitions and interests

So, do avoid those one-word answers and be brave enough to skim past the boring small talk and head into exploring deeper topics.

Keep your ego in check

The one thing you have to do to keep your date interested? Don't talk too much about yourself.

And actress Nadiah M. Din agrees. She said: "The worst thing that someone can do while on a date is when they are speaking too much about their past dates. They even talking about how proud they are of themselves.

"Every one should avoid a date who thinks 'It is all about me time'. That really turns me off big time," said Nadiah.

Unfortunately for her, she has had to go through dates who were incredibly self-centered. 

"I went out once with a model, who was admittedly cute, but he was too obsessed with himself. It almost felt like he thought he was George Clooney and the other guys around him were William Hung," she said.

"In fact, he was so vain that he kept checking himself out in the mirrors or any reflective surface he saw around him. That was not the worst part. He kept asking me if he was really cute or hot - even though he probably knows he is good looking."

Nadiah added: "Yet, he pretended to be insecure just so that I will keep telling him 'Yes, you are really super good looking'."

Always be honest


Hangovers don't hurt as much when you wake up on a yacht... Good morning Singapore ! #sentosacove

A photo posted by Mike Kasem (@mikekasem) on Jan 16, 2016 at 3:54pm PST

If you are not feeling well during the date, it's best to just be honest. And this is what radio DJ Mike Kasem learned after his "worst date ever" 18 years ago with a singer named Samantha Cole.

They had met when he interviewed her on the set of MTV Select, the live request show. They kept in touch after and made plans to meet up when he visited Los Angeles.

Kasem said: "I was down with the cold but I couldn't cancel as I was only in town for a short time. But I decided to just power through it - with the help of Tylenol."

But he didn't realise he took "Tylenol PM", which tends to make one very drowsy.

Mike said: "During our dinner date, we were chatting and suddenly my eyes just start closing."

Making it worse, Kasem tried different types of alcohol to wake him up (this is not the right solution).

"Cole had noticed my behaviour and asked if I wanted to call it a night as I looked like I was tired and bored," said Kasem.

"Instead of being honest, we continued on at a night club - one that had many celebrities around."

Soon after, his stomach did not feel too good and he started to perspire profusely down his forehead.

He ended up making about five trips to the bathroom the rest of the night.

The best part of the date was probably when Kasem arrived back at home (presumably without Cole).

No need to go all out to impress

Jade Seah advises men especially to not go all out on those overpriced set dinners on Valentine's Day.

"There is no need to overspend on each other," said Seah.

She had been on the receiving end of such meals and often felt that it's not worth it especially because she's "not fussy".

"I also feel sorry for the guy because he's spending so much money!" she added.

Got a bad date you want to share? Tell us and win!

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P. Bistro

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Even if the restaurant is located in Orchard Road, you are promised a quiet, intimate setting at P. Bistro. 

Resembling a Parisian bistro, this restaurant offers simple Asian-inspired Western fare and French classics.

You will be spoiled for choice there, but if you need help ordering, their signature dishes include the Nonya Dory Fish (below, left) and the Duck Confit.


Spathe Public House

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If you're looking for a great Instagrammable restaurant that happens to have great food, Spathe is your choice.

Spathe Public House is housed in a historic brick-and-timber shop house located in the River Valley neighbourhood.

If you're looking for something to excite your tastebuds, the food here draws inspiration from contemporary and Southern American cooking. Yes, that means bold flavours from the freshest ingredients.

The best part? They do not serve on individual plates. Spathe Public House features a fun, sharing menu. So this means you can have a sample of more dishes without worrying whether it's okay to try your date's food. 

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