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$1,300 parking fee? Motorcyclist forced to 'tailgate' car to enter Jurong car park

Like most other things in Singapore, parking fees have become more costly. But imagine entering a parking compound and finding out it would cost over $1,330 to pass through the gantry.

That seemed to be the case for a motorcyclist in Jurong West recently. 

A photo shared on the SG Road Vigilate Facebook page showed the road user being charged more than $1,330 to enter a multi-storey car park in Jurong West Street 75.

The incident happened last Sunday (Sept 3) at 1.50pm, according to a Facebook user who shared the social media post.

"Came across this biker who was stuck at a gantry. He then moved aside, let me go and tailgated me." said the netizen, adding that other vehicles had no issues entering the car park.

Netizens speculated over why the motorcyclist was charged such a ridiculous amount to enter the car park.

"Some time ago, this motorcyclist entered the car park (and) evaded the parking barrier. Now he returns back to the same car park. That's why," one comment read.

Others opined that the rider was a serial tailgate offender.

"How many years has he not paid for parking at that MSCP?" one questioned. 

Then again, it could have simply been a glitch in the system.