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$1k reward promised for dog missing in Tanjong Katong, 'no questions asked'

The worried owners of a missing maltipoo are offering a reward of $1,000 for its safe return.

Stomp user Mike said his seven-year-old dog went missingx in Bournemouth Road, off Tanjong Katong Road, on November 8, around 1pm. Attempts to locate him have been futile.

The dog is a golden cream in colour and was on a selective diet.

Mike told Stomp: "Our dog ran away accidentally.

"We have searched nearby areas many times, as well as given out flyers and pasted posters in nearby parks. We have also posted appeals on social media and in animal lost-and-found chat groups.

"We have made reports with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) and Animal & Veterinary Service (AVS) as our dog has a microchip and is registered with AVS.

"We have also emailed vets and grooming centers to help look out for our dog. Many dog lovers on social media have offered assistance to spread the word as well.

"But it's been almost a month and we still have not heard any news or received any information regarding our dog's whereabouts.

"We believe someone may have taken the dog and kept him.

"We sincerely appeal to everyone for your kind assistance to help us share our appeal. We are very worried and distressed, as we have raised our dog since birth and he has become part of our family. He is like my son."

Mike is filled with guilt over the loss of the dog and cannot bear to look at photos of his beloved pet for long.

He added: "There are pictures of him in the living room, hall, kitchen and even the toilet, but I don't dare to take a longer look at them.

"Every day and night, I say to his photos and toys that it's my fault. It's Baba's fault. Baba feels so sorry for not taking care of you.

"My dog has worn his pajamas to sleep with me every day for seven years (pictured above). But now only his pillow is sleeping beside me.

"I hope to get my boy back. No questions asked. I just want him back."