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Asia's first 24-hour esports working space opens in Singapore

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The Gym aims to be a centre of excellence for promising esports teams

Its vision is to serve as an incubator for the brightest up-and-coming talent in Singapore’s esports scene.

The Gym, Asia’s first 24-hour co-working space dedicated to esports, officially opened its doors in Jalan Besar on Feb 13.

Set up by regional audio-visual and events management firm NEO.TM, the three-storey venue spanning 7,700 sg ft will not only function as a centre of excellence for promising esports teams, but will also foster collaboration between local and international teams, enabling them to share resources and level up their game together.

Coupled with industry-leading technology and two floors of versatile co-working and event space, The Gym aims to redefine and empower Asia’s esports ecosystem and communities.

Following the success of the Dota 2 Singapore World Pro Invitational and the formation of the Global Esports Federation (GEF) headquartered in Singapore, The Gym aims to be the foundation on which Singapore's esports teams and businesses can take their first steps in a dynamic industry worth over US$1 billion (S$1.4 billion), and one that is set to triple in value by 2025.

NEO.TM founder Mr Neo Yong Aik said: “With esports making its debut at last year’s SEA Games, there is little doubt that esports has become mainstream in this part of the world. There has never been a more powerful platform to engage the youth of Asia and the world.

“But while there are millions of young people playing on their mobile phones and PCs, what is lacking is a more professional approach to the sport.

"Instead of more LAN shops, we need more places that not only provide a place for individuals and teams to practise and compete, but also for them to pick up the right habits that will stay with them as they pursue successful esports careers.

“Instead of focusing on just gaming, other aspects such as nutrition, physical fitness and mental focus should also be honed.

“We hope to bring all that with The Gym.”

The Gym has also entered a partnership with United States-based esports broadcasting pioneer, De Tune. The firm has worked with the likes of Riot Games, and organised global Fortnite and PUBG global championships. De Tune will consult closely with The Gym to bring esports events and competitions in Asia to life.

De Tune founder and CEO Mr Michael Thuney said: “We are thrilled to be part of this exciting journey that we believe, will pave the way for professional esports set-ups to thrive in Singapore, and other parts of Asia. We share in Neo’s vision to grow the industry in the right way and level-up the esports offerings in the region.”

Operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the first floor of The Gym offers retail opportunities and a cosy arena-style event space that can seat up to 150 people, complete with a booth for casters.

The second and third floors consist of configurable training, office and event spaces, which members can rent to conduct business, live-stream sessions and competitions. From gaming influencers to corporate specialists in affiliated industries, the space also welcomes those in the creative and media fields to be among fellow energetic and visionary souls.

With the opening of the Singapore branch, The Gym will be a precedent for future facilities around the region. With metropoles like Jakarta and China in the pipeline, The Gym’s organisers aim to create an esports league comprising Gyms in different countries to strengthen and grow the community, bringing it up to par with its Europe, US and Northern Asia counterparts.

Said Mr Yip Ren Kai, co-founder and managing director of Reddentes Sports, which counts Redd+E as its esports arm: “The Gym’s opening comes at an opportune time for esports in the region.  With the setting up of the Global Esports Federation, the esports ecosystem is in need for more collaborative platforms like The Gym to help budding teams and support the industry.

“I am personally excited to see how Reddentes Sports or Redd+E can work with them in the near future.”

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