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Become a house husband? ‘100 per cent yes’, say some Gen Zs

The modern man is fine with taking charge of the home, if a recent video is to be taken seriously.

In a TikTok video by HeyKaki uploaded on Nov 21, eight young men were asked if they were okay with the idea of becoming house husbands.

All said they would happily do it, if their spouse would let them.

“100 per cent,” said two of the interviewees.

One of them went on to say: “If my future wife earns five or six figures and tells me to stay at home to cook and clean, I’ll do it!”

The guys added that they couldn’t care less if anyone disapproved. 

“I wouldn’t, because my wife has money… if they disapprove, then talk to my wife about it,” one said.

They were less open-minded when the subject turned to women taking the initiative with marriage proposals, however.

“I feel that being a man, we have to be manly, so we ought to be the one to propose,” one young man said.

Another interviewee agreed: “As a man, I think I would still be the one to propose. She can give me money to buy the ring though!” All the guys like happy ah 👀 Catch our upcoming episode of 'Gen Z Decodes’ where we will be talking more about gender inequality airing this Thursday! . . . #singapore #streetinterview #voxpop #stereotypes #gender #heykakisg #kakionthestreets ♬ original sound - HeyKaki 嘿卡奇

When it came to money, all were supportive of their spouse earning more than them.

“If she has money but looks like a man, I’d still be okay with it,” joked one youth.

Said another: “In the future, combined incomes [will be more common], adding the incomes together will mean both parties have more money, so why not?”

The topic of house husbands was also touched on in a recent episode of HeyKaki’s Gen Z talk show, in which influencers discussed gender stereotypes in Singapore.

Guest Andrew Wong said he was fine with caring for his own kids and that being a house husband was actually “quite cool”.

When another guest quipped that “it was a flex”, Wong replied: “Yes, you can flex about it everywhere, in this era everyone says that, ‘Hey, if you let your wife do these things, you’re not a man’.

“So my friends – even those who are very masculine – would often have such thoughts, and feel its very cool [to be a house husband].”

According to a 2021 labour report by the Ministry of Manpower, 14,100 men who were unemployed and not actively looking for work said family responsibilities kept them from holding down jobs.