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Bride wears $9.50 dress to $52 ROM ceremony

Bridezillas are no fun. Neither are groomzillas.

So it’s refreshing to see a couple who take an easygoing and inexpensive approach to getting married.

In fact, the cost of their ceremony at the Registry of Marriages (ROM) was a grand total of $52. 

The bride, who goes by the name YT, documented her special day in a post on social media platform Lemon8. 

Speaking to AsiaOne, the 27-year-old said that her husband, Jason, 29, proposed to her in December 2021 with a ring that cost less than $1,000. 

The couple then registered their marriage last July. 

"The registration of marriage was never meant to be costly because we had always planned to do a separate, proper wedding. 

“We just did the ROM first to enjoy our work perks for spouses sooner," YT told AsiaOne. 

So what was the $52 spent on?

The groom put on something that was already in his wardrobe. So zero there.

YT bought herself a red dress from Shein for $9.50. 

"I just bought a simple red dress without much thought put into it, to be honest," she told AsiaOne. 

What about the all-important wedding rings?

When they are the childhood snack called Super Ring, they would cost just $1.20. 

"I was too lazy to source for a wedding ring while my husband forgot. 

“As he was panicking the week before, my brother joked about using Super Ring and we loved the idea," YT said, adding that this all happened because the ROM was an impromptu decision. 

"We're a silly couple, so it was apt. Who doesn't love Super Ring?"

The bulk of their cost went into registering for the marriage - a whopping $42. 

"It's actually cheap to get married in Singapore if you're not particular," said YT on her page.

As for their wedding, they plan on making it "more budget-friendly than the average cost of a wedding in Singapore", with a simple lunch at a restaurant. 

"Because we want to sleep more, take it chill and leave the budget to our honeymoon, which is our priority. We both love travelling,” said YT.

Smart couple.