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Bt Merah tenants cook in common corridor

Cooking in the common corridor of HDB blocks used to be a norm, especially during festive periods.

However, as society becomes more enlightened about the risks it poses to others, HDB dwellers rarely cook in the corridor – and definitely do not treat the common corridor like their personal kitchen.

However, neighbours of a unit at Block 105 in Henderson Crescent have had to put up with the tenants of the flat cooking their meals at the doorstep.

According to Shin Min Daily News, the homeowner is believed to be renting out his flat to five tenants, earning $1,750 per month in rental collection.

The Chinese daily confirmed there was a mobile kitchen set-up outside the unit during its visit on Dec 8. There was a trolley with cooking appliances and an induction cooker outside the three-room flat at the Bukit Merah block that is almost 50 years old.

One of the tenants, a 22-year-old undergraduate, was about to start cooking in the common corridor. He told Shin Min Daily News that he had moved into the flat last month and confirmed that there were four other tenants in the unit.

"The monthly rent for each person is $350. I am staying in a room with two others. The other two share the other bedroom. I rarely see the owner," he said, adding that he was fully aware of the living conditions and found it acceptable.