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Cars slide and crash into Funan mall carpark wall

At least 10 cars were damaged while going down a carpark ramp in Funan mall owing to wet weather on May 14.

Motorist Yiping Ang was among those who drove to the mall during the heavy downpour. He headed in from the North Bridge Road entrance at about 6.10pm, and was looking forward to having dinner with a friend, he said.

But the evening took an unfortunate turn when he was unable to control his car while driving down the curved ramp towards the carpark gantry.

Mr Ang, 34, said: “I stepped on the brakes but my vehicle continued veering to the left and crashed into the left side wall.” He added that he initially thought his brakes had failed.

However, when he stepped out of his car to inspect the damage, he noticed another vehicle ahead of him had also stopped and was similarly damaged.

Moments later, he heard a loud bang behind him and saw that yet another vehicle had crashed into the same spot.

Mr Ang said the drivers of the vehicles in front of and behind him said they had the same experience as he did. He later saw another 10 to 15 vehicles skid and crash into the wall, he added.

He said he and several affected drivers had asked to speak to a mall representative and waited for more than an hour before being attended to.

Mr Ang said his car had scratches and dents on its left side, including on its wheels, rims and side mirror. Its headlights and rear lights on the left were also cracked.

Inside the car, the steering wheel was pushed off-centre while the left signal lights and sounds were also irregular.

Mr Ang said he plans to file a claim with his insurer against Funan mall.

In response to queries, a Funan spokesperson said the mall was alerted to the incident on the evening of May 14.

As a safety precaution, the affected areas and carpark entrance at North Bridge Road were immediately cordoned off. There were no reported injuries.

The spokesperson said: “The safety and well-being of our shoppers are of utmost importance. We are investigating the cause of the incident and are providing the necessary assistance to the affected drivers.”

The carpark entrance at North Bridge Road will remain closed for the time being, and shoppers are advised to access Funan carpark via Hill Street, the spokesperson added.

“We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused,” the spokesperson said.