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Chill, man with 9 air-cons in Sengkang flat has moved out

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What can you expect when you blast nine air-cons at home?

A bit of a chill with your neighbours, probably.

This man kept his Compassvale Road rented flat so cold that it caused condensation on the floor for those living above, and mould on the ceiling of those below.

Now it seems relations with his neighbours have got so frosty that he has moved out.

Mr Huang, 64, told Shin Min Daily News: "My neighbours ganged up against me. They also went to the authorities and the press."

He said he would relocate eight air-con units to his new home, an executive flat in Sengkang.

He estimates the move will cost $20,000. In addition to the cost of re-installing the air-con units, the termination of his previous flat's lease would mean forfeiting a $7,600 deposit.

But, said Mr Huang, a cancer patient: "As long as I get to live comfortably, it doesn't matter.”

It was reported earlier that with his multiple air-con units kept at 18 deg C, he was also wearing several layers of clothing.

The man, who has liver cancer, explained that he kept his home so cold to "feel comfortable" but he also believed that "keeping the body warm helps to improve immunity".

He had spent $13,000 on installing the air-con units and his utility bills had at times been over $1,000.

His neighbour above, one Mr Liu, said they had to mop the floor three times a day, and there was a risk of slipping and falling.

The neighbour directly below, a Mr Su, said he would have to spend $500 repainting his ceiling which had grown mouldy.

Both men had discussed the issue with Mr Huang.

Mr Liu said he had been told by the authorities that Mr Huang would be moving out.

And Mr Su was quoted as saying: “The landlord should also be held responsible for this. They can’t ignore other residents’ complaints just because they're receiving rent for the flat.”

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