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Clementi resident complains about loud morning dance sessions at estate

This article is more than 12 months old

Fed up with loud dance music blaring from the void deck every weekend over the past year-and-a-half, a Clementi resident has taken to Facebook to air his grievances.  

The disgruntled resident, Jake Tan, posted on Dec 31 about the noise from "a large group of inconsiderate people" who have been exercising at the open-air pavilion between Blk 428 and 429 in Clementi Ave 3. 

According to Tan, there have been weekly early-morning dance sessions in that area since the middle of 2021. 

"Each week, dance music is played at top volume with loud shouting and clapping in tow, rudely awakening everyone in the blocks nearby, especially those living on the lower levels," wrote Tan, who included a seven-minute video of the dance session taken from his home. 

Tan said he once notified the police, who asked the group to reduce the volume of their music. "But the reduced volume was still very much audible," he said. 

He said he also wrote to the Health Promotion Board to inquire if the dance activity was under their purview, but has yet to receive a response.

Although he acknowledged the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Tan said such activities could be done “without disturbing the peace of the neighbourhood”. 

He suggested moving the location of the dance session, or having it at a later time in the day. 

Netizens in the comments agreed with Tan, remarking that such an activity early on a Saturday morning can indeed be disruptive. 

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