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Couple appeal for witnesses after dog's body vanishes following fatal accident on PIE

This article is more than 12 months old

When a couple in Singapore heard that their missing pet dog had died in an accident, they were dealt a double blow when they also learnt that its body went missing while under the care of the authorities. 

Speaking to various news outlets, Mr Wong said he and his fiancée came home from lunch on Nov 13 and found their pet dog, Dax, missing.

They went out on a search and even posted online for help. They were soon informed that there was a Facebook post of an eyewitness account of Dax running onto the Pan-Island Expressway near the Bukit Timah exit that same day.

According to the post, Dax was sporting injuries from a suspected hit-and-run incident, and died shortly after.

The post also said the authorities had been notified.

Mr Wong said Traffic Police and officials from the Environmental Management Association of Singapore said they had collected the body from the accident site.

They apparently placed it under a tree at an open carpark belonging to Dairy Farm Nature Park at around 4.30pm – where the body was later found missing. 

Mr Wong said: "It's strange to me that they can leave it there unattended and say 'I don't know who collected it, I just left it there'.

“The body was exposed in such an open area, but there wasn't even a piece of paper that said 'please do not touch the body.'

"We’re very surprised this is the SOP. It’s distressing to know the authorities assumed responsibility of Dax then lost the body.” 

Mr Wong added that the authorities have yet to follow up with him on the matter.

He is now appealing for anyone with information to contact him at 9758 8078.

In particular, he is looking for dashcam footage in the carpark between 4.30pm and 6pm, when the body was allegedly left unattended.

Footage of the accident site itself would be helpful too, to determine what happened.