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Couple give up on holiday after waiting over two hours at Johor customs

Stuck in an epic queue at Malaysian Customs? Most of us have been through this, but few have actually decided to quit the queue halfway and return home. 

TikToker @shiffythecow uploaded a video on Tuesday (June 6) documenting her experience travelling to Johor Bahru over the recent long weekend.

Upon reaching Malaysian Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ), the pair waited for two hours before doing an about-turn and heading back to Singapore.

In her video, they began their journey at a bus terminal in Singapore where there was already a long queue. 

"Line was already snaking, which was (not surprising) because (it was) 10am on a public holiday," the TikToker said. 

After a 90-minute wait, they got on a bus that took them across the Causeway. 

Clearing customs at Woodlands checkpoint was relatively smooth and they were done by 11.45am.

Though their next bus ride to the Malaysian CIQ was "really crowded", it was also "pretty fast" as there was a designated bus lane. 

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The nightmare began at CIQ itself.

"There were swarms of people and it was packed like sardines," the TikToker said, adding that there were no clear queues to follow. 

The place wasn't just crowded – it was also hot. The TikToker said she saw several people fanning themselves, and some even needed medication after feeling faint.

After two hours of waiting, at around 2.30pm, the pair decided to give up on their trip and return to Singapore. 

"The line was hardly moving.” 

In the comments, some netizens pointed out that people waited five to seven hours at the CIQ that day. 

“Smart move,” said one comment.

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