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Curious cat climbs into toy claw machine in Clementi

This article is more than 12 months old

Some have suggested that the cat just wanted to play with the toys in the machine. 

Others opined that the feline was simply looking for a cozy place to hide. 

The jury, however, is still out on what exactly was going through the curious cat’s mind when it climbed into a claw machine in Clementi – as if posing as one of the stuffed animals inside. 

The incident was caught on camera and shared on the Sayang Our Singapore's Community Cats’ Facebook page.


The claw machine is located outside a shop in Clementi Avenue 1, while the cat is believed to be a stray in the area.

Comments to the post took the form of a guessing game, with many trying to offer up explanations as to the cat’s motive.

One commenter even said the cat could probably be trained to extract toys from the machines.

Well, no one’s ruling anything out.