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Durian vendor in Bedok chokes and beats up employee after dispute over 'ugly' durians

A durian vendor and his employee got embroiled in a violent dispute after the latter allegedly chose an “ugly” durian for a customer.

The incident occurred at a durian stall at Block 18 Bedok South Road at around 1pm last Saturday (Sept 16), Shin Min Daily News reported.

Employee Wang Lianzheng (transliteration) told Shin Min the dispute began when his supervisor instructed him to select and cut open two Musang King durians.

After opening the durians, however, they discovered that the pulp was in poor condition, which enraged his supervisor.

"He kept blaming me for choosing poor-quality durians, saying that the pulp had spots on them and were not displayed nicely in the packaging. He then asked me to pay for the durians myself," Wang said.

Wang felt the request was unreasonable and refused, prompting his supervisor to berate him more, and threatening to even fire him.

Angered, Wang then flung the cash box on the table, which further aggravated the other man.

"He rushed over and strangled me with both hands before pushing me against the table, causing bruises on my back and cuts on my hands,” said Wang. 

"He also repeatedly punched me in the stomach and kicked me several times, while I could only try my best to protect my head.”

Wang told Shin Min that throughout the physical ordeal, he did not fight back. Eventually, two colleagues in the store rushed out to separate them.

"I was afraid he would slash me, as there was a knife right next to us," he added.

He also said it wasn’t the first time his supervisor had asked employees to pay for durians from their own pockets, and that he had previously been asked to buy durians costing $20 to $30.

He visited a doctor and was given six days of medical leave for his injuries, 8world reported.

Wang told 8world that he informed his boss and general manager of the incident, and they went down to the stall later that evening. His supervisor apologised, and Wang was urged by his other bosses to forgive the man's actions. 

Wang, however, refused, and told his boss that he would resign, 8world reported. He also filed a police report over the matter on Sept 17.

Staff of the durian stall told Shin Min on Wednesday (Sept 20) that the supervisor had not reported for work the past few days.

Wang also told the Chinese daily that he had received a dismissal letter from the company on Wednesday, with no reason given for his dismissal.