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Efforts to control crow population stepped up in recent years

The National Parks Board (NParks) has, over the past few years, stepped up its efforts to manage Singapore’s crow population, said National Development Minister Desmond Lee on Tuesday.

This includes trapping and removing crows, surveying and removing nests in trees regularly, and reducing the birds’ food sources. Where it is needed, NParks also advises town councils to remove crow nests, said Mr Lee.

He was responding to a parliamentary question by Mr Liang Eng Hwa (Bukit Panjang) on whether there has been “noticeable progress” in curbing the population of crows in heartland town centres, and whether there has been research conducted on developing more effective measures to reduce the population of the birds here.

These birds made the headlines in 2023, attacking passers-by in heartland areas such as Bishan and Serangoon.

In October this year, crows were also seen pecking at people outside Orchard Central mall, prompting NParks to remove the birds’ nests and other young crows in the vicinity.

Mr Lee said bird feeding and the presence of human-generated food sources are the main reasons for “crow concentration and population growth” in heartland town centres.

He pointed out that NParks works with the Singapore Food Agency, National Environment Agency and town councils to raise public awareness about the negative impacts of bird feeding.

NParks also partners with agencies and town councils to improve housing estate cleanliness and to encourage proper food waste management by residents and food establishments.

“These measures have helped to address the presence of crows in affected areas,” said Mr Lee.

He added that NParks would continue to undertake research to improve its crow management measures. The agency recently completed a study on ways to raise “crow trapping efficacy”, he said, without giving details.

“All of us can also continue to play our part, by not feeding crows and keeping our environment clean,” he said.

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