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Event organiser goes MIA after receiving $440 payment

This article is more than 12 months old

Party Popper or party pooper?

A mother hired a company called The Party Poppers to decorate her baby's birthday party for $440, but when the day arrived, the decorations did not.

Stomper Nur said that after engaging the company on Instagram, she paid The Party Poppers on Aug 20.

"The owner of the company requested the full payment of $440 in order to confirm the date and time," said the Stomper, whose son's first birthday was on Sept 16.

"On the event day itself, I texted her at 2.17pm to ask if the decoration was all good for later. She replied she had Covid and would send the boards and balloons later.

"I then asked her to provide photos of the decorations to ensure the deco was ready in the first place. After more than 30 minutes, she still did not provide photos of the deco and didn't reply to my WhatsApp messages till 4.39pm.

"At 4.39pm, she replied she was prepping the balloons and waiting for the driver to pick up the deco.

"At 5pm, I texted her that I'm already at the venue. At 5.02pm, she replied that the driver would reach in 15 minutes at the event place.

"At 5.47pm, she texted me that the deco would reach in five to 10 minutes and then she went MIA and did not reply my texts at all.

"I couldn't call her because she did not accept incoming calls. It was engaged when I called her.

"And the deco did not come at all. She messed up my son's birthday celebration! The birthday party still went on without any decoration. It was so plain."

The Stomper then found out that other parents had similar experiences with The Party Poppers and went to the police the next day.

She recounted: "I made a police report on Sept 17 and sent the owner the photo of me at the police station. She immediately refunded me my money without any explanation or remorse for what she had done."

The Stomper wants to warn others about the company.

In response to a Stomp query, the police confirmed that a report was lodged.

Stomp has contacted The Party Poppers for more info. The last post on the company's Instagram page was on April 26.