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Bangkit Road salon charges woman $521 for hair-dye services

A woman who went to K Salon at Bangkit Road was first quoted $125 for her hair to be dyed.

The price then went up to $250 and the woman eventually ended up paying a total of $521.

Facebook user Justin Tan posted in the group Complaint Singapore that his mother had gone to the salon in Bukit Panjang on Dec 2 to get her hair dyed.

She was quoted $125 but was encouraged to buy a $250 package, whose remaining value could be spent on subsequent visits.

However, when Mr Tan's mother returned to the salon two days later to get her hair dyed, she was told to pay an additional $271 as the process included bleaching her hair thrice. The bleaching apparently cost $99 each.

Mr Tan marched to the salon to demand a refund and the salon agreed to pay out $100. But Mr Tan wrote on Facebook that when his mother counted the refund after they got home, she realised she was given only nine pieces of $10 note.

Google reviews of the salon shows similar complaints.

A review from two months ago was written by a disgruntled male customer NickyJiangXW, who complained that he was charged $15 instead of the advertised $10 for an awful haircut. He also wrote that the hairstylist badgered him to return for hair treatment despite giving him a haircut that made him look like "Tharman's pineapple".

Reviewer NickyJiangXW's "pineapple" haircut.PHOTO: GOOGLE REVIEW

Two other reviews from a year ago, written by female customers Chung Joy and Noor Azriah Johari, complained about grossly inflated prices for the services and atrocious haircuts. 

Ms Azriah shared that she filed a police report after she was charged an exhorbitant $1,200 for a hair dye and keratin treatment. She lamented that a month's worth of salary had been wasted and it ruined her Hari Raya. 

The amount charged to reviewer Noor Azriah Johari.PHOTO: GOOGLE REVIEW

A search on K Salon by TNP yieleded more than one statement by Competitor & Consumer Commission Singapore (CCCS) on K Salon's misconduct.

CCCS also reminds customers that they are not obliged to pay for any unsolicited services rendered.

The latest statement on Natural Salon's misconduct.PHOTO: CCCS