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Fast-spawning rats infest Pasir Ris St 21

Five rats were spotted in just 10 minutes. And that’s just from observing them for a day.

But residents between Blocks 273 and 275 of Pasir Ris Street 21 have been dealing with what seems to be a rodent infestation for two years. 

When Shin Min Daily News visited the site on Monday (July 24), they found three or four rat holes on the grass patch near the blocks.

They reported seeing at least five rats in 10 minutes.

They also noted that the rodents usually patronised the garbage bin at Block 274 and squeaked occasionally.

A 57-year-old resident told the Chinese paper that their unwanted visits have been taking place for about two years, and that he has even seen some that were larger than kittens.

They usually come out in the open around 11pm, he said.

The rat holes from where the rodents come from.PHOTO: SHIN MIN DAILY NEWS

A woman, who lives on the first floor, said that she often heard squeaking at home and "felt like something was running here and there".

A 50-year-old resident, who told Shin Min that a rat had left its excrement in her home, said that she's now afraid to open her door.

"I tried to block the rat hole with bricks, hoping to stop the rats from coming out," she said.

Another resident said that pest control had come last year, but its efforts were not effective - the rats were spawning too quickly.

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