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Getting tips on good etiquette while running

This article is more than 12 months old

It seems obvious enough but the participants of the first Singapore Kindness Run had to be reminded not to take selfies while running the race route at Pasir Ris Park yesterday morning.

It did not stop the odd social media junkie among the 1,000 runners from whipping out a mobile phone. But because the Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) event was about good manners and running etiquette, they did so before the race started.

There were several other running tips that participants were urged to follow, such as not spitting on or hogging the pavements, and binning trash in the right place.

Runners' Heart-Reach founder Johnny Gan, who collaborated with the SKM to organise the event, said the aim was to share the right etiquette with runners.

The 52-year-old sales director founded the ground-up initiative last November to promote good running etiquette after encountering ungracious runners who hog pavements, spit as they run or dump cups given at water points on the roads.

"Running is a sport that people can take up easily. But there are some types of ungracious behaviour that make it unpleasant, such as runners who spit on the ground or those who push others during races," he said.

Mr Gan approached the SKM with the idea of a Kindness Run. Representatives from the organisers ran with the participants to remind them about the etiquette tips.