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Girl, 11, organises shoe drive, buys groceries for the needy with her own money

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Her young age and limited funds have not stopped an 11-year-girl from going the distance to help those in need.

Akshara Visvanathan, a student at CHIJ Our Lady of Good Counsel, has been taking part in social and volunteer work since she was eight years old.

Her mother, Stomper Chitra, said Akshara is a compassionate girl propelled by her desire to help people who are less fortunate.

Chitra told Stomp: "We have been bringing Akshara to children's homes in Johor, where we donate groceries and stationery to kids. We have also celebrated Children's Day with them there with entertainment and magicians.

"We donate and do a lot of volunteering work for animal shelters as well. Akshara feels sad seeing vulnerable animals.


"During the school holidays in December last year, she wanted to do something which surprised us. She wanted to sell sarees and make a profit so that she could buy groceries for needy families using her own money.

"I assisted her in paying the initial amount and she managed to make a profit of $100. She then bought groceries for two needy families and delivered them with her dad’s help.

"Secondly, instead of playing or spending her time doing other things, Akshara thought of organising a shoe drive. She noticed that many people were throwing away good shoes as new year was nearing.

"She took the initiative to make a poster, which she sent to all our family and friends. She managed to collect 37 pairs of shoes and donated the good ones to Soles4Souls. As for those which were torn, she donated them to ActiveSG to recycle."


Chitra added: "I am really proud of what this girl has done at her age, especially when her peers are happily pursuing their own places of interest.

"Akshara hopes to get more people involved in her efforts. I hope to motivate others by sharing this on Stomp."