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Drivers, passers-by praised for clearing items from road

“Kindness still exists in Singapore.” That was the sentiment echoed by several netizens after a video of drivers and passers-by alighting from their vehicles to collect materials that had fallen off a lorry and onto a road went viral.

A recording of the incident, posted on Facebook group Roads.Sg on March 16, has garnered more than 179,000 views, 4,900 likes and hundreds of positive comments by netizens.

According to the video’s caption, the incident took place in Bukit Timah, near Kranji Expressway.

The 26-second clip – which has been shared more than 250 times – shows a loaded lorry parked at the side of the road, just after a traffic light which is showing red. Materials that have fallen from the lorry are scattered on the ground.

Eight individuals can be seen running towards the pile and scrambling to clear it before the traffic light turns green. It is not known if some were also passengers in other vehicles.

They are seen scooping up white rectangular sheets, which resemble an A0-size poster, before placing them on a grass patch at the side of the road. Some are seen taking several items at a time, before returning to clear more.

Their actions were praised by netizens.

Netizen John Ng said: “It’s good to see people go all out to help out instead of taking photos and videos, or even complaining; sometimes, a little helping hand goes a long way... I hope this society can be kinder and more gracious as time goes by.”

Another netizen, Alex Lek, said: “Well done, and good job to road users who give a hand to help one another.”

Others expressed concern over why the items fell off the back of the lorry, and wondered if checks had been done to ensure that they were secured properly.

"This morning happened at Bukit Timah near KJE exit, a lorry drop many pieces of material on the junction, and many...

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