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Guests turn up in cosplay for couple’s anime-themed wedding

The couple wanted a lively, one-of-a-kind wedding.

Thankfully for them, their guests were sporting enough to go along with their anime theme and turned up in cosplay.

TikTok user Veryfakeotaku shared her memorable big day in a video on Nov 20, which has since garnered 46,700 views.

Trying to avoid a “boring wedding dinner”, she and her husband asked their guests to come dressed as anime characters.

And although the couple worried about whether guests would listen to them, they were in for a pleasant surprise.

Many guests actually took the trouble to find themselves relevant costumes to wear.

A child dressed up as Pokemon’s Ash Ketchum sat at one dining table. He had a Pikachu soft toy with him for added effect. His dining companion – a guest cosplaying as Giyu Tomioka from Demon Slayer.

“Someone even came as a dino,” Veryfakeotaku exclaimed in the video.

A number of guests appeared to be Demon Slayer fans and dressed up as Kyojuro Rengoku and Shinobu Kocho.

“[We] even made our photographers wear straw hats!” said Veryfakeotaku, possibly referencing Monkey D Luffy from the popular series One Piece, who usually puts on a straw hat.

@veryfakeotaku my friends have been asking if they are on @Mothership yet because our wedding is really one of a kind 🥹 thank you so much friends and family who came down and dressed up in most of our favourite animes. we were initially worried only a couple would dress up but turns out a lot of them did! we had a lot of fun during our wedding and it’s all thanks to you!! 💖 #anime #foryoupage #singapore #sgtiktok #singaporewedding #sgwedding #wedding #sgtiktoker #fyp #fypsg #sgfyp #foru #foryou #sg #animetiktok #weddingsg #animewedding #attackontitan #demonslayer #jujutsukaisen #pokemon #onepiece #spyxfamily #chainsawman #tokyorevengers #chainsawman #naruto #CapCut #weddingcosplay #cosplayer #cosplay ♬ original sound - very fake otaku

The couple even got their bridesmaids and groomsmen in on the theme for their wedding march-in as everyone dressed up as characters from the Japanese series Attack On Titan.

The bridal party all wore the iconic green cape from the popular series while the bride and groom entered the room in military uniform marked with the Wings of Freedom.

“Our wedding is really one of a kind,” said Veryfakeotaku, who said she was grateful to her guests for their efforts.