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Hawker calls police on buskers in Santa hats

Buskers are a common sight at neighbourhoods across Singapore.

However, those at Ang Mo Kio Central Market & Food Centre seem to have annoyed a hawker so badly, he called the police on them.

The trio, who were wearing Santa hats, had an electric organ and a loudspeaker with them. Fairy lights were strung over the equipment.

Shin Min Daily News learnt that a hawker had called the police and they were deemed to be obstructing a public area and creating a ruckus.

A worker at a shop nearby claimed that the buskers were so loud, the hawkers struggled to hear their customers' orders. The hawkers were also worried that the loud noise would drive business away.

The chairman of the hawkers' association for the hawker centre said on Dec 10 that buskers are forbidden from performing within the premises.

But not all the hawkers found the buskers to be a nuisance.

One 53-year-old named Mr Chen, who works at the drinks stall, said the buskers were singing ballads, which could have helped the people around them feel relaxed. 

"I don't understand why anyone would call the police," he said, adding that the buskers were licensed and it was only the first time they had performed within the premises.

Another hawker said: "Everyone is looking to make a living and it is difficult. There is no need to make things more difficult for the other party."