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Hawker yells at man in queue at Ayer Rajah Food Centre as diners look on amused

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There’s nothing like a bit of drama to help pass the time while queueing up for food at the hawker centre.

One TikTok user, who goes by Mr Tersmell, filmed a heated argument between a customer and two hawkers at Ayer Rajah Food Centre recently.

In the video, two hawkers from a mixed rice stall are shouting at a man dressed in black queuing in front of the neighbouring chicken rice stall. 

The two are heard saying that they want to "call the police".

The female hawker then walks over to the man and threatens to hit him. 

"Scold me one more time and I'll hit you," she yells repeatedly in Chinese while pointing and waving her fists at him. 

The man then leans forward and shouts back: "Hit me!" 

@mr_tersmell Stall Holder bully harrass other Pple customers while queuing for food @ Ayer Rajah Food Centre #nea #sfa #singaporepolice #harrassmentawareness #bullyingawareness ♬ Kung Fu Fighting - Cee-Lo

Diners, of course, watched in amusement as the scene unfolded. One customer is heard saying: "I don't know whether I should still queue up for this or not."

Eventually, a man wearing purple stepped in to break up the fight. 

Speaking to AsiaOne, Mr Tersmell explained that the queue for the chicken rice stall was long and some customers were standing directly in front of the mixed rice stall. 

This angered the hawkers there who scolded the people in the queue.

"We weren't even blocking their stall, people can still queue to buy (their) food," Mr Tersmell said.  

To appease the mixed rice hawkers, the folks in the queue moved to form a straight line in front of the chicken rice stall. But the man in black had said something in Chinese that riled up the mixed rice hawkers.