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Holes suddenly appear on floor in Toa Payoh flat, caused by renovations downstairs

A man was cleaning his bedroom when he discovered a hole in the floor under the bed.

Mr Chen Wei Qiang, who lives on the second storey at Block 231 Toa Payoh Lane 8, told Shin Min Daily News the hole was caused by renovations in the unit below his flat, which started in October.

"I first confirmed with my family that it was not caused by us before I went downstairs to ask what happened,” said Mr Chen.

When he informed the workers about the situation, they ignored him.

The 48-year-old chef said: "My floor tiles were drilled through, but they didn't care. I had to go to HDB to report the situation."

Then on Nov 6, something happened in the living room.

Mr Chen said: "That morning, I was still sleeping in my room when I was suddenly awakened by my mother's shouting. It turned out that two more holes appeared on the floor of the living room."

Mr Chen’s mum, who is nearly 70, told Shin Min that she was still traumatised by the incident.

At first, she was startled by a sudden loud noise coming from the floor.

"I suddenly saw the floor cracking,” she said. ”If I stood any closer, my feet could have been pierced or my eyes hurt by the flying debris."

She immediately shouted for help. Her son ran out and her family members took photos of the evidence.

Mr Chen was angry as the living room was where his mother spends most of her day.

He said: "If she had stood where she usually stood to dry her clothes, it might have been not only the floor, but her feet would have also been drilled into."

Mr Chen immediately ran downstairs and asked the workers to stop the construction, but no one paid attention. Their attitude made him furious.

On Nov 14, HDB officers visited Mr Chen and told him that they would repair the holes, but it would take time to find the same floor tiles for replacement.

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