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Bt Merah woman claims neighbour opens her window to look in

Thirty-year-old nurse Joel moved into a flat at Block 30 of Jalan Klinik in Bukit Merah at the beginning of the year.

She shares the flat with five other tenants.

Shortly after they moved into the flat, Ms Joel and the other tenants noticed a neighbour behaving oddly, including opening the window to their unit to look into the flat.

At about 2am on Feb 24, as Ms Joel was resting in the living room after her shift, she heard a noise coming from the corridor. When she went to check, the flat's gate was open and she caught the neighbour, who lives three doors away, standing at the door.

"When questioned, she mumbled something about someone throwing paper in the corridor and hurried off," Ms Joel told Shin Min Daily News, adding that she had reported the incident to the police.

Her flatmates have complained about the neighbour loitering outside the flat. One of them apparently caught the neighbour spitting into one of their shoes on March 2.

Their 60-year-old landlord Lin said she would install CCTV camera outside the flat.

When approached by Shin Min, the neighbour denied ever opening Ms Joel's gate, saying she had opened only the flat's window as she wanted to verify if the flat was over-occupied as she had suspected.

"I suspected that the number of tenants exceeded the six allowed by the authorities, so I opened the window to check."

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