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How your life will change under Dorscon yellow

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As at Tuesday (April 26), the Republic has removed most of its remaining Covid-19 restrictions in a major easing of rules.

Under the sweeping changes, there are no longer limits on group sizes, safe distancing between individuals is no longer mandatory, and all employees can return to workplaces.

The scrapping of rules affected settings across the board - from eateries and sports facilities, to theatres and places of worship.

Singapore's Disease Outbreak Response System Condition (Dorscon) framework has also been stepped down from orange to yellow for the first time since Feb 2020.

how your life will change under Dorscon yellow

1. You can toast emphatically with a "cheers" or "yam seng" at F&B establishments, which include restaurants, coffee shops and hawker centres.

Safe distancing will also no longer be required between individuals or between groups at eating and drinking places.

However, only fully-vaccinated persons are allowed to dine in at such establishments and random spot checks will be conducted to ensure this.

2. You can sit next to someone without being 1m apart at live performance venues like theatres and concert halls, as safe distancing is no longer needed.

There are no audience size limits for indoor or outdoor live performances.

Audience participation is also permitted, and the sale and consumption of food and beverages allowed, depending on the venue's prevailing rules.

3. Food and beverages can be supplied and consumed at all sporting events.

4. You can go for a swim at an ActiveSG-owned public swimming pool or a workout session at an ActiveSG gym without booking a slot ahead of time. However, slots will still have to be booked for ActiveSG facilities like courts and sports halls.

Activities like weekend 11-a-side football games can also resume at public and private facilitiesas the cap of 10 persons in a group for sporting activities has been lifted.

5. Places of worship will not require safe distancing between each worshipper.

Food and beverages served during activities in places of worship also do need not be served in individual portions.

Singing in religious classes with masks on will be allowed.

However, there are still some things that will be tightly regulated. Here is what you need to know:

1. Self-service buffet lines are still not allowed. Only staff-served food lines are allowed at work-related and social events, weddings and funerals, where food must be served by workers. Food must be covered to minimise contamination risks and workers must use utensils to handle food at all times.

Additionally, clean plates should be used for each visit to the food line.

2. At nightlife establishments where there is dancing, a valid negative supervised antigen rapid test is required for entry. This also applies to any other establishments, including eateries, bars or pubs and karaoke businesses, where patrons can dance. You will also have to keep your masks on while on the dance floor.

3. Masks will have to be kept on while singing in karaoke establishments.