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Johor chief takes bus to Singapore, promises improvements

This article is more than 12 months old

Here’s someone who has taken the bus from Johor to Singapore, and feels the Causeway experience could do with some improvement.

And unlike most of us, he may be able to do something about it.

Because you see, he is Johor’s Chief Minister Onn Hafiz Ghazi.

Datuk Onn Hafiz put up a Facebook post about it.

“I have safely left and returned to Johor,” he wrote. “Still plenty of room for improvement.”

One of the pictures he put up showed an escalator blocked off.

He promised to hold meetings with Johor immigration, customs and other agencies, and work on making things better at the checkpoint.

“Myself and the agency in question will work to fix it immediately, for the safety and comfort of the millions of users that visit it every year,” Mr Hafiz wrote. “Hopefully everything will be eased.”