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Jurong Bird Park site to be returned to JTC in 2025

The Jurong Bird Park site is slated to be returned to JTC Corporation in 2025, after the bird park moves to Mandai in 2023.

Prior to the site’s return, JTC will work with Mandai Wildlife Group and other relevant agencies “on the reinstatement of the site”, said Minister of State for Trade and Industry Alvin Tan in Parliament on Wednesday.

JTC and the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) were jointly reviewing longer land use plans for the site along with other agencies such as the National Parks Board, said Mr Tan.

“We will take into consideration the existing features such as the (bird park’s) waterfall as well as the Jurong Hill tower nearby,” he added.

“We understand that given the memories and history tied to Jurong Bird Park, we will seek public feedback in due time to shape future plans for Jurong Hill together.”

Mr Tan was responding to Mr Shawn Huang (Jurong GRC), who had asked about plans for the park’s animals and plants after it closes on Jan 3, 2023.

Mandai Wildlife Group had said in October that a great “migration” of some 3,500 birds will take place between Jurong Bird Park’s closing and the opening of the new bird park in Mandai – Bird Paradise – in the second quarter of 2023.

Mr Tan added that about 50 species of plants will also be moved to the new park.

Following the announcement of Jurong Bird Park’s closing date, The Straits Times had reported that heritage advocates want the park, as well as Jurong Hill next to it, to be retained as recreational green spaces.

Those who spoke with ST said that beyond the memories associated with the bird park, the broader Jurong Hill area holds significance for the nation – given its role in Singapore’s early industrialisation programme – and called for iconic built features in the area to be kept.

Jurong Bird Park and Jurong Hill Park collectively occupy an area of about 35ha – the size of about 50 football fields – that is zoned for park use and managed by JTC.

Mr Huang had also asked about the annual economic potential of the Jurong Bird Park site, in the light of its value as a green space, to which Mr Tan replied that a figure was not readily available.

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