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Kopitiam refunds man after charging extra $1 for 'bigger piece' of chicken

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An additional dollar for picking the “biggest piece” of chicken. 

This was the response of a stall vendor when Mr Long wondered why he was charged extra for his plate of mixed rice. 

Speaking to Shin Min Daily News, Mr Long, a retiree, said he visited Singapore General Hospital on Feb 27 and had lunch at the Kopitiam. 

After purchasing his food, he realised he had been charged one extra dollar, paying a total of $8.10.  

He said: “I ordered a piece of fish, steamed egg with minced pork and a piece of chicken. But when I checked the receipt, the chicken had been charged as 'pork', and it was a dollar more.”

Seeing that the stall labelled the price of each individual dish, he asked the staff why he was billed an additional dollar. 

He was allegedly told that the extra charge was because he had chosen the biggest piece of chicken. 

Mr Long added that while he did not probe the issue further as he was in a rush, he was still unsettled about the situation. 

“I thought about it later and it didn't seem right. [The chicken] was supposed to be $3, and they didn't say that there would be an extra charge for the bigger pieces,” he said. 

He added: “The staff was the one that helped me to pick the dishes, and the piece of chicken I had wasn't much bigger than the rest.”

He decided to inform Kopitiam about the incident, and was subsequently refunded $1. 

According to a Shin Min reporter who visited the stall, the staff said that Mr Long was charged an extra dollar because he chose breast meat instead of thigh meat, which would have instead cost the stated $3. 

Meanwhile, a Kopitiam spokesman told Shin Min that Mr Long had been refunded, adding that necessary action would be taken against the stall in question.

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