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'Legal wife' and son catches MIA husband and woman at airport

This article is more than 12 months old

A woman was caught on camera giving her husband a tongue-lashing after ambushing him and his woman companion at Changi Airport.

The woman posted a series of videos of her confronting her husband, whom she said has been "missing for the past six months" and neglecting his family.

Her post on Saturday (June 18) has drawn over 15,000 shares, 4,800 reactions and 3,400 comments to date.

She said her husband, who is a Singapore permanent resident, came back to Singapore from Bangkok "walking hand in hand with the girl in couple shirt".

This can be seen in one of the video clips uploaded by the woman, who is accompanied by her young son at the airport.

Another video shows her asking her husband: "Where are you? For the past six months? You say you can't find any job and you cannot go back to Malaysia?"

The woman then says, "Where is the (divorce) paper? Where is the paper? You think you are divorced with me already ah?" and "I saw you coming out with the girl, holding hands together. And your son saw it too!"

"Very good father. Very good husband," she adds sarcastically.

In another clip, the woman is berating her husband for how he has been treating his own father.

She says: "Your father has been begging for you to come home, but did you return? No!

"Is he your father or my father?"

She continues: "I am still your legal wife, remember that. Remember we haven't signed the paper. I did not receive anything. I did not receive anything. I did not receive anything. Be clear. Be clear. You are coming out from the airport with someone else. A girl. You were holding hand(s) with the girl. Happy travelling."

The next video shows the 'girl' in question trying to collect her pink bag from the man, only to be confronted by his wife.

The wife is heard saying: "'S'cuse me, I am talking to my husband. Who are you? Who are you? Who are you? Who are you? Hello?"

According to the woman, her husband has not be in touch or contactable for the past six months.

In her Facebook post, she identified herself as a full-time housewife who has had no income since her pregnancy and alleged that her husband has not given her a cent for living expenses.

The woman also shared an audio clip in which her husband says: "You are in pain is none of my business, you pain until die is also none of my business."

In a subsequent update on Monday (June 20), the woman said she had "thought about it for a long time" before deciding to come to Singapore to look for her husband and even sought help from the police.

She wrote: "My child and I stood at the arrival gate and saw my husband holding hand in hand with his female student walking out wearing couple clothes. At that moment, my heart hurt and broken. Somemore the girl student was still carrying my backpack."

The woman also shared further details about her marriage and appealed for help as her husband still refuses to get in touch.

She added: "Don't get lost! Stop hiding! Please let me go!"