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Letter from CPF is legitimate and not a scam

Physical letters asking its members to update their bank accounts are legitimate and not a scam, said Central Provident Fund (CPF) on Friday (March 11).

The clarification comes after claims that such letters from CPF are scams.

A scam alert, which was forwarded multiple times on WhatsApp and spread on Facebook, said the letter was a "fake CPF letter" and urged netizens to warn their friends and relatives about it.

In response to queries from The Straits Times, a spokesman for CPF said: "The letter from CPF Board is legitimate and it is to inform the member to provide his bank account details so that he can receive his CPF payouts."

The spokesman added that if members receive a letter from CPF but are unsure if it is real, they should check with the Board directly.

CPF also said in a Facebook post that whenever a new bank account is given, CPF will verify it directly with the bank to ensure that it belongs to the member.

This ensures that any CPF payouts will always go to the member.

"If unsure, always check with CPF directly. Making wrongful claims without verifying with us is unhelpful and irresponsible," said CPF.