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Life-sized Lee Kuan Yew wax figures selling for $21,600 on eBay

Strangely, the figures were made in Minnesota.

An eBay retailer is offering life-sized Lee Kuan Yew wax figures for sale.

The catch? Only 10 are available, and they cost a whopping US$15,900 (S$21,600) each. 

A Singaporean named Bryan Cheong, who is based in San Francisco, made the discovery and tweeted about it on April 2, posting a screenshot of the eBay ad for the figure, which is apparently produced in Delano, Minnesota. (why there of all places, we simply don’t know).

According to the listing, the item is shipped from Minnesota and appears to be available for shipping only within the US.

The wax figurine of the founding prime minister of Singapore wears a suit and sits on a chair with his hands together.

You can access the listing here, which has been live as early as May 2019.

The store, under the handle zingaworldwidellc, claims to specialise in "funny and naughty" shirts.

The seller also offers life-size figures of various celebrities, including other political figures such as US president Bill Clinton, South Africa’s Nelson Mandela, and India’s Mahatma Gandhi are also in the gallery.

If you ask us, for $21,600, you’re better off visiting Madame Tussauds at Sentosa, where there’s a wax portrayal of LKY and his wife, and all you’ll have to pay for is the admission price.

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