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Make your resume work for you

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Extract and include keywords that match your qualifications from the job advertisement posted by the company into your resume.

For example, if the job is looking for candidates who are detail-oriented or a team player, include such values that are deemed valuable to the job to increase your chances of being shortlisted for an interview.


Your resume content is important, but no hiring manager wants to spend extra time navigating a cluttered one.

Jazz it up by ensuring there is sufficient white space between sections and an easy-to-read font of no less than 11 point.

Using bold, italics and bullet points are useful when it comes to highlighting headers or subheadings. Avoid underlining text as it may be difficult to read.

The formatting of margins is often missed out. If the margins of the page are too narrow, you risk having details cut off if an employer chooses to print out your resume.


Minor spelling or grammatical errors may seem like a small mistake, but hiring managers can discount your resume the moment they spot an error.

It shows the inadequate attention to detail and that an error has been overlooked.

Always proofread your resume. Better yet, get someone to check your resume before you hit that send button.