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Man, 64, attacked by stranger on bus in Tampines

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He was on a bus in Tampines when he noticed a middle-aged man uttering vulgarities under his breath.

When Zhang, 64, stood up to alight, the man ran up to him and rained punches.

Other passengers rushed to stop the assailant, as Zhang, with blood dripping from a head wound, hurriedly got off the bus.

The incident occurred on Tuesday (Dec 27), and the police and SBS Transit have said they are investigating the matter.

According to Shin Min Daily News, after returning his taxi that day at around 6pm, Zhang took a bus from Block 101 Tampines Street 11 to meet his wife.

On the bus, he noticed the middle-aged man seated in the third row behind him continuously spewing vulgarities.

Zhang thought nothing of it and said he did not look at the man.

When he stood up to alight at his destination, the man ran up to him and yelled Hokkien vulgarities.

Zhang asked him what was wrong, but this seemed to trigger him. The man threw a punch at Zhang, sending his glasses flying. He was also struck on the forehead.

“He punched me a few times and even kicked me,” he said.

Thankfully, other passengers came to his aid and held the man back. 

Zhang later went to a clinic for treatment and was given two days of medical leave.

As the wound on his forehead was rather deep, Zhang believed the bus passenger was wearing a ring or some other accessory.

SBS Transit, who was informed of the incident by Zhang’s daughter, said they would conduct an internal investigation.

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