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Man pays $24 for nasi padang at Bedok Corner, netizens aghast

This article is more than 12 months old

In general, Nasi Padang tends to be more pricey than most other coffee shop food. 

But $24 for a plate of rice with three dishes? Well, that’s exactly what a man paid at a stall at Bedok Corner Food Centre recently. 

What jacked up the price was a piece of fish roe, which the man said he was warned about by the stall vendor. 

Sharing a photo of his meal on Facebook group Complaint Singapore, Iluv Ben Tan wrote that the fish roe dish cost $20, while the other dishes – sambal goreng and tofu – were $2 each.

Speaking to Mothership, he clarified that he did not know the actual price breakdown of the items, as he did not ask the stall vendor.

He said he was expecting the meal to cost between $10 and $15 as the lady at the stall had warned him the fish roe was "going to be expensive".

"But it was way beyond what I expected," he added.

He said he was "taken aback" at the price, and would normally not have paid for the meal. But he explained he was in a rush at the time and “did not want to make a scene".

"Since she had already packed the food, it (would not have been) nice to ask her to put it back, that's why I just paid and left," he said.

Netizens of course were stunned at the lofty price – even for fish roe. 

"This is not a restaurant," one said, adding that they would not pay and simply walk away.

Some felt that the price of expensive dishes or items should be made known to the customer. 

"I definitely learnt my lesson to ask (for the) price before choosing anything," said Iluv Ben Tan.

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