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Man in Punggol saves kitten stuck on sixth-storey ledge

Residents at 654A Punggol Drive shared in their group chat that some of them could hear the mewling of a kitten but there was none in sight.

Eventually a kitten was spotted on the ledge outside the window of a sixth-storey flat.

The concerned neighbours tried to contact the occupants of the unit on April 6 but they were out of town.

A 47-year-old analyst who lives in the next block told Shin Min Daily News that the residents lowered a basket to the kitten but it refused to get into it.

So a man got out of the window of a fifth-storey flat and performed a nail-biting rescue.

He balanced himself on the railing outside the window and pulled himself up to the sixth-storey ledge to pluck the cat from the face of danger.

"The cat has been rescued, but now that I think about it, it is really dangerous," said the analyst in the next block.

Cat-owner Salina, a 51-year-old living on the seventh storey, said her cat had given birth to five kittens and she had locked the kittens in a cage in the service yard.

"I thought it was dead as I couldn't find it when I went downstairs to look for it. I didn't expect it to be rescued by my neighbours. I'm very grateful to them," she said.

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