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Man rescued by cyclist, SCDF after falling into Telok Kurau canal

A quick-thinking cyclist and officers from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) helped a man out of a canal in Telok Kurau on Sunday.

In photos posted on Facebook by Love Cycling SG group member Sam Young, a man can be seen standing in waters that reach his thighs. Two SCDF officers appear to be trying to pull him up a ladder to safety, with one of them extending an arm towards him.

The rescue seemed tricky, as the officers are seen balancing themselves on the slope leading to the canal.

The SCDF said that it received a call for assistance near Lorong L Telok Kurau at around 10am. After rescuing the man via a ladder, its officers assessed the man but he declined to be taken to hospital.

The man is believed to have lost his balance and ended up in the canal.

Mr Young said in his post that he spotted the man while cycling, and attempted to help the man himself after noticing that he was unable to climb up as he was too weak. The slopes were also too slippery, he said.

As the water level was increasing, and the man was unable to move, Mr Young said he managed to get a long ladder from around the neighbourhood and climbed down to try and pull him up.

Once the SCDF arrived, he decided to step back and let the officers do their job.

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