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Man shouts at Jurong prata seller and threatens to call police: 'You want to bully me?'

A man was seen shouting at staff of a prata stall at a Jurong West coffee shop on Saturday morning (Mar 10).

Stomper Anonymous shared a video of the incident that occurred at Block 496 Jurong West Street 41 at around 10am.

He said: "There was a miscommunication on pricing between the stall owner and the customer.

"The old man wanted to buy putu mayam. There was only one piece left, so the stall owner asked if he wanted more. The old man initially said one would do (but) after seeing the stall owner open up a new packet, he said he would have two pieces.

"The stall owner placed the food on a plate for dining-in, but the old man said he wanted it packed, and the tension grew.

"Then came the payment. The stall owner said $1.50 and the old man questioned why. The stall owner told him that one for $0.80, two for $1.50 and three for $2.

"The old man looked puzzled and then after some (back and forth), the stall owner just took the food away. The old man turned angsty and that's when the quarrel started."

In the video, the elderly customer is screaming at a stall helper while a second employee tries to diffuse the situation by making conciliatory hand gestures. The customer also yells, "You want to bully me?"

Anonymous added: "The old man left after another (customer) calmed him down and ushered him away.

"Please show some consideration and courtesy towards hawkers and coffee shop staff. I's not easy working in a warm, oily and stuffy environment. Miscommunications are normal. We just need to exercise some understanding, courtesy and patience."

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