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Man throws Yan Yan pack at woman who rejects him

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Snacks as a weapon?

A woman alleged that a man threw a pack of Yan Yan biscuit sticks at her after she and her friends declined his invitation to drink sake.

Facebook user Cheryl Kim said the incident started at Cuppage Centre in the Orchard Road area on Thursday (Dec 8) night.

She posted: "Four of us girls were minding our own business when this guy came to us from the bar beside ours and asked if we wanted to drink sake, presumably asking us to join him and his friend for drinks. We declined, he walked off and we went on with our night.

"Some 30 minutes later, I was hit on the side of my face by a hard object thrown from behind me. It felt somewhat like a filled plastic bottle which caused me to feel a sting on my face due to the impact. It was a hard throw.

"It turned out this guy bought a pack of Yan Yan biscuits from 7-Eleven, which he threw at us while shouting 'woooo', thinking it was funny.

"I felt the pain on my cheek. Lucky for me, it didn’t hit my eyes else it could’ve been worse. It can be easily assumed that he attacked us due to him being rejected earlier and couldn’t seem to take it like a man.

"One of my girlfriends went to confront him first while we followed because the rest of us were in shock. It all happened so fast.

"His friend stood in between (him and us) while calming us down and pleading with us not to call the police while the perpetrator stood behind him like a coward, smirking and taunting us from behind without saying a word the entire time. He did not apologise at all.

"The perpetrator ran away just as the police were seen from afar, leaving his poor friend with us and the police. They tried looking for him but to no avail as of last night after statements were taken."

In response to a Stomp query, the police confirmed that they received a call for assistance along Koek Road on Dec 9 at 12.16am.

The police added that no injuries were reported and they are looking into the matter.

In her post, Cheryl also asked anyone who knew the perpetrator to message her.

Within a day of her post, she updated her Facebook to add the alleged name of the man.

Cheryl, who describes herself as "comedian" on Instagram, also shared messages from another woman who said that the man tried to hit on her friends at two nightclubs and was rejected too.

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