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Minimart posts CCTV of kids allegedly shoplifting, rejects stranger's offer to pay

This article is more than 12 months old

When a minimart owner noticed a group of teenagers shoplifting, he decided not to take the usual approach of reporting the matter to the police.

Instead, he took to social media. 

Facebook user Tian Zhu, who runs a minimart in Bukit Batok Street 21, posted on the Complaint Singapore group a series of screenshots from his CCTV camera of the teens allegedly swiping some items off his shelves on Oct 6.

He then urged the trio to return to the minimart within the next two days and make payment – "to avoid the whole video being posted, and a police report made". 

He also warned other store owners in the Bukit Batok area to "take note and be careful". 

The series of photos showed two boys and a girl loitering around the store's aisles. 

Tian Zhu alleged that they had stolen at least one small bottle of Absolute Vodka and one packet of Maggi “Five-minute Mashed Potato”, shoving them into a white bag.

Netizen offers to pay

When one netizen reached out to Tian Zhu and offered to make payment on behalf of the teenagers, he rejected the offer. 

"Please don't just make payment for them, they won't learn anything," he replied, urging the netizen to ask the trio to return to the shop if he knows them. 

It was not clear why the person had offered to make the payment. 

Meanwhile, other netizens praised Tian Zhu for showing kindness to the shoplifters in not reporting them to the police.

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