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Mother shocked by son's 'horrible' haircut; salon says 'stylists are humans too'

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Unless you have a trusted hairstylist, getting a haircut is sometimes like Russian roulette - you never know what you are going to get.

A woman was shocked when she saw her son's haircut after visiting kcuts at Wisteria Mall on June 25.

In a post she shared in the Everything Singapore by Stomp Facebook Group, Ling Ling described her son's hair as being in a "horrible state".

She said: "I asked the lady, why cut until like this?

"The lady just [told] me to feedback by email if not happy."

She then sent photos of her son's hair to the salon's manager and described how "unevenly my son's hair [had] been cut and 2 hole[s] also".

"To my surprise, the boss said the haircut was decently fine, and rudely asked me, 'What you want me to do now?'"

Ling Ling said she was disappointed at their attitude and how they did nothing to resolve the matter.

She also said she did not receive any apology from the stylist or the manager.

In a statement to Stomp, a kcuts spokesman shared its side of the story:

"Ms Ling Ling (mother of the boy) did not call the boss of kcuts but the franchisee of the particular kcuts outlet (Wisteria mall) after she insisted the stylist to give her her boss (franchisee) mobile phone.

"Usually, our stylist would ask the customer to email and our HQ customer service will reach out to them to offer a free touch-up by another stylist if necessary. Our feedback email is labelled very clearly in front of all our cutting stations. She could have emailed us and we will definitely look into the issue. 

"But in this case, due to the hostility and demand of the mother at the outlet, our stylist gave her our franchisee telephone number who may not know the head and tail of the situation to respond to her hostility. 

"To be fair to our stylist, her son went for hair cut on Sunday, 7.35pm, the Sunday before school reopening, our stylist had not had her dinner due to the high demand and super long queue just before school reopening, may not be in the best of mind to handle a demanding and hostile customer. 

"Customer service is definitely important to kcuts. As a business, we are definitely interested in ensuring returned customers and healthy business revenue growth. 

"As a company, due to the Singapore Government's tight and strict manpower quota requirements, we have to hire Singaporeans and PRs, who may be skillful but may not be as customer service oriented, unfortunately. Also, some older Singaporeans and PRs stylists may not be that good in communication or when faced with hostile, demanding and unreasonable customers. 

"Greatly appreciate your graciousness and kindness to kcuts as we have been trying to keep our price affordable, yet pay increasing rent, utilities and labour costs. Thank you. 

"Ps: Avoid peak periods and weekends before school reopening if want better customer service.

"Stylists are humans too."

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