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Netizens call out passenger for complaining about Grab driver

He was upset with a Grab driver for lecturing him and went on social media to complain about his experience.

But he got called out instead for being a “troublemaker”.

The man said he had to run under the hot sun to board his ride after the driver had gone past his pick-up location. And he claimed the driver scolded him throughout the trip.

An Instagram video of the two men having a heated exchange was posted by Sgfollowsall on Jan 2.

In it, the man is heard saying that the driver had “invited him to a fight”. The latter then calls him “crazy”, adding that the passenger called him names first.

The man then tells the driver about his intention to complain about him, but the latter just replies: “Go ahead, go ahead.”

The two men argue about fighting each other, which ends with the driver stating: “I am telling you to hit me, you want to hit me, then hit me.”

During the exchange, it is revealed that the man had “forcefully slammed the car door” when he boarded, which upset the driver.


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“If you are not happy, then don’t take Grab,” the driver tells the man at the end of the video.

Netizens who commented on the man’s post sided with the driver, saying he was trying to earn a living.

They were also very critical of the passenger: “You then slammed the door that created the lecturing. So don’t complain if you have started the issue!”

Another person even said the man tried to “trick the uncle into admitting all sorts of accusations he made up”.

But one netizen, who wanted to maintain peace, urged everyone to stop the finger-pointing and said that “we’re living in a stressful environment”. 


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